Innowacyjne rozwiązania dla budownictwa


In our range of service you will find:

– repair of blistering gas (blisters) a minimally- invasive method without having to cutting metal fragments

– repair of mechanical damage- including damage to insulation core, and if this is not possible, or required by the investor, replacement of damaged panels with hidden joint from the middle of the facade, without the necessity of dismantling the entire wall

– cleaning and maintenance the stainless steel (INOX), passivation

– removed from painted surfaces of protective film glue residue

– renovation of the surface of roofs and walls made of sandwich panels

– renovation of the roof panels using a two-layer technique (sheet metal, membrane, PVC)

– change the colour of the facade


Laboratory tests:

– Installation of samples of the test – fire resistance according to EN 14509, EN 13501- 2,

– Installation of samples of the test – reaction to fire according to EN 13501 – 1,

– Installation of test samples BROOF according to EN 13501 – 5

–  Installation of samples to the test – NRO

–  Installation of samples of test acoustic

– static tests

– consulting

Laboratory: ITB, FIRES, TAZUS