Innowacyjne rozwiązania dla budownictwa

Sandwich panel

In the past dozen years the building solutions in the sphere of outer housings have undergone a large transformation. Investors have forgone the traditional facade for housings of lightweight materials- sandwich panels, that allow maximum acceleration of construction work while also improving the thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance and aesthetics of the entire facility. Both housings made of traditional materials and sandwich panels should be maintained and if, necessary, repaired so that after many years of use, the whole facility satisfies ever-growing demands for aesthetic appear. Maintenance for polyester paint coating relies mainly on washing the entire facade in an aqueous solution with the addition of mild detergent- in the case of a light dirt, such as stains of glue, foam mounting, concrete, tar etc.- for this purpose, you can use generally available detergents that are used in our kitchens. In the case of heavier dirt and other coatings lacquer you need to use chemicals with the proper parameters, which are safe for lacquer coatings removedirt effectively, and are safe for the environment.